Spider Goblin

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Encountered first on the southern edges of the Erstwile Archipelago, they often due the bidding of any powerful nearby religions powers if allowed to adopt the warship to their perverse birth cycle that involves death and rebirth of the clan.

Living off of any food they can find as well as the meat of the fast breeding soldier cast. They are prone to hunting for devotees to use as sacrifice during the ritual of rebirth.

The soldier caste is considered expendable and is highly aggressive, used to hunt and provide meat for the drone caste as well as the queen. While not significantly intelligent alone, the instincts inborn in these insectile goblinoids as well as the highly involved hive mind centered around the queen and its drones make the inner nest quite difficult to engage unless engaged during birth rituals. During this time large numbers of the soldier cast are primed for feeding to queen and her murderous young.

The eggs of the spider goblin young gestate inside the lower body of the queen, who slowly becomes more elastic as her body prepares to be devoured by the new hatchlings. The caste of each hatchling is determined by the flesh consumed during its first few hours of life. Those that feast off the queen’s body exclusively grow into the larger and more powerful drones and the less powerful hatchlings eat their way outwards towards the sacrifices provided. The queen is designated by the hatchling(s) that eat the brainmeat, who inherit chemical control of the hive. Multiple queens are not possible as the first to establish drone control uses the inherited power to destroy the rivals.

The hives are often found underground, taking over any disused structures. They will exist alongside any other creatures who the queen sees as useful or cannot be rendered into meat. Larger tribes are capable of rearing large spiders which are drawn to the queens subtle controls.

While it may seem that spider goblins would be drawn to warship specifically spiderish deities, they will, if forced to, convert to any evil religion. Favoring the Strum Mother and the Puller of Webs over others.

Spider Goblin

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