Ottajja History

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At least two greater dimensions have collapsed into one another, these two dimensions once forcibly separated by the magical seals scattered throughout the world. Remnants of the Great War and the sever anti-magical sentiment shared throughout the world at that time. The rejoining of these dimensions, has once again, allowed the divine to flow into the world, reawakening old magic and old religion. After the last of the layline’s seals were broken the alignment of the worlds magical structure took towards its original form, allowing the shaping of magics and the fulfillment of previously unheard prayers. Dark forces have begun to awaken as the light from the godly forces illuminates the darkness.

The opening and destruction of the magical towers used to house the worlds most potent magics reshaped the entire world. Histories have been rewritten, old stories are being heard again, the call to long forgotten lands has begun.

The ages of darkness and ignorance are behind us as we move into a world lit by both arcane fire and holy light. 700 years have passed since the last seal was broken and magic was fully released into the world. Up until now all power was held by those at the very top of the pyramid and the very lowest of the pit. Magic has found itself back in the hands of the common person.

Mages and foreign priests are no longer burned at the stake, chased into the wilderness or drowned outright. While many communities don’t outright welcome magic in their lives, it is not uncommon for magical performances to draw a crowd and not unsightly to visit an apothecary or the local druid for guidance and medical help.

Churches, once for the pious and the desperate, the corrupt and counterfeit, have become bastions of hope in a previously dying world. As those strongest in their faith have moved in the wake of tragedy to lessen the suffering of others a resurgence has begun.

Divine magic, and the very gods themselves, once sealed off completely from the world, are coming back in force. Pantheons have awakened and the rites and practices of old have begun anew. Religious affiliations have begun to take on generational meanings as families no longer have surviving members “before the Gods returned.”
As these great beings struggle for a foothold, reaffirming their once great power, secret cults and dark magic struggle below the surface.

The secular armies of Warder’s Gate, together with their newly discovered Bladesinging traditions now carrying real arcane powers into battle. Led by the great Queen Arianna, a mystical being of vast knowledge, harboring the memories and knowledge of every elder, commander, King and Queen that the great kingdom had known in the last 1700 years, Warder’s Gate presses to become the supreme protectors of the human world.

In Bishandengal, a separatist island to the east, that controls trade to the northern Ogre countries and Warder’s Gate itself, has declared it’s full independence from both eastern and western powers alike. It was here, in Firmutel, that the plot was uncovered to birth a great destroyer of mankind, the Illiomn. The inheritance of dark magic and subsequent birthing were disrupted by Queen Arianna and her companions. Former home of two of the greatest schools of magic in the world, Bescardi, the largest city on the Island and one of the largest in the world, has suffered a terrible loss.

One of the great schools of magic, the Tellandri Ellandry and all it’s most powerful secrets and treasures have been stolen. A great being, once believed only to be a fairy tale, Gishanden, one of the three corrupted brother wizards of ages past, possessed and animated the entire structure and walked it into the ocean and out of the hands of mankind.

In the north there are whispers on the wind that the great ogre shamans of old have rekindled the flames of knowledge, and the spirits stir in anticipation of having their forces once again heard upon the surface of the world. In answer, the Unified Kingdom of the High Ogre have opened their border and allowed any who chose to worship the old shamanistic gods of the past safe passage north. This is believed to be in direct response to the rise of the dragon druid priestess Illeana and her close connection to the one true ogre God.

The druid council has come together to begin shaping the world, helping it grow, fighting back the darkness and corrupt magics that have come before. Under the protection of the great world tree, Urdrasil, and with the guidance of the elder white dragon priestess Illeana of Amthyhaer, the old druid magics stir upon the earth. With each passing season more come to embrace the teachings of old, trading straight sword for curved, and metal for leather. Rumors of shape changers, wild storms and covens of natural witches are spreading on the wind.

In the south, the swamp and ocean kingdoms of Sumadra have answered a call to arms, rallying against the northern kingdoms. Calling all great wyrm to her side she is able, the titan worshiping Queen Jachandra prepares for war. Aiming to drive those that have brought tainted magics and corrupt deas into her lands.

In the Isthmus of Tatian the neutral centaur and draconian races have elected leaders and seek to maintain the autonomy from both northern Warder’s Gate and southern Sumadran forces. Armed patrols and regular military troops are being seen traveling in tandem with the caravans in the plains. With the Silverlord ruling the plains and the Master of Scales ruling the cities, the Free Kingdoms of Dar Evonsil braces for a two-front war it doesn’t want, and currently cannot win.

The Al-jinn tribes of the great deserts have united under a new banner, throwing off the yoke of the once great Jinn tribes. A mysterious multi-faced god has come out hiding. His mountain fortress, a floating Ziggurat legends know only as the Llimnol Vault, houses untold armies of unlimited number and power. Upon it’s arrival in the world it laid siege to and destroyed the hidden floating city in the clouds used as a fortress and ruled by Linot Eut Kusan, a tyrant that enslaved and fed off the powers of the people tainted with his cursed blood. His death freed all enslaved to the Jinn and their bloodline magic. Now that new magics are let lose upon the world the Wandering God wants his people to set themselves out upon the earth and seek understanding and wisdom in the west. They provide a helping hand and a righteous fist backed by ancient jinn bloodlines, seeking to undo the great curses that have been levied against them.

The great jewel of Ottajja has quelled a rebellion from within that threatened to destroy the world. The spire churches of the greatest city upon this fair world, had at their heart, not true religious leaders, but demons hiding in plain sight, and nefarious magicial portals leading to the abyss. The great magics that awakened at the merging of the plains showed the impostors true form, while also awakening the great and powerful desert gods. It is here that the first great battle for the world was fought and won. Ottajja drove back the demonic forces of Kefon Tull and took back the spires that lie at the heart of the great city’s magic, arcane and divine. Though in doing so, the prison walls that surround Ottajja were broken, and a great many powerful evils were let lose upon the world.

So, Ottajja has turned to others still bound in servitude to the Desert Jewel, some who are magically bound prisoners who’s life force is bound into the great walls. These Fettered, as they are called, poses potent lost magics as unique as the prison that binds them. As trade beings to open, and the great mage school, The House of Stars, opens it’s doors, so to does the Jewel itself open it’s outer doors to the great world. Pressing for peace, even as it’s clerics seek to expand the influence of their religion out of the Great Deserts and into Warder’s Gate and beyond, Ottajja seeks to reawaken all of it’s slumbering potential.

This is just the begging, only the first secrets have been whispered, only the first truths heard. One two of the great seals binding the world apart from it’s fate has been broken. The secretes unlocked by the first merging of the worlds have only been scratched upon and the secrets needed to unlock the remaining 29 plainer bindings are still waiting to be discovered.

Ottajja History

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