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This page is for those who have not roleplayed before, if you have roleplayed, but not with me go here: New to Ottajja.

First let me say welcome to the game and I hope, with the help of this guide, to make it easier to get you started.

The first games all of us go to are a little weird. We don’t know really what is involved, were nervous we are going to have to act out stupid scenes or be forced to talk in an accent. Every roleplayer has these worries, some people do act things out, some people do talk in accents. I will be the first one to tell you it doesn’t matter.

These things are done because the people feel like doing them, not because it is required. We are all meeting for one common goal. To have fun. And with that being said, I don’t know what your going to be comfortable doing, I don’t know how your going to feel about playing. But, I can tell you a few things that won’t happen:

  • You won’t be put on the spot if you don’t know something.

No one knows every rule, and even for those of us that come close, it doesn’t matter because there is an instance when every rule is mutable and capable of change. Each instance is unique and when something comes up that we don’t know, we look it up or I adjudicate a solution for the moment, and if need be we come up for a firm rule after the session is over.

  • You won’t be made fun of for being yourself.

The people invited to my game are all awesome people. This means you. Seriously. I have been playing this game for 12 years now, with over 21 players. I have never had any issue with friends attacking one another, and if you are not friends with the rest of the people you are playing with you soon will be. I wouldn’t stand for anyone of my friends to be the target of ridicule. That being said, everyone involved in the game is, I hope, laid back, welcoming of new people and looking for an enjoyable time to be found. We are all here to have fun and create an amazing story together.

  • You don’t have to be an extrovert.

I am a solid introvert. I, along with half of my previous players were/are introverted. You don’t have to be extravagant, or outspoken or loud to play. You simply have to be yourself….albeit yourself pretending to be someone else being themselves. We will all have our turn to do the things we would like, even if the things you like are simply to go along with what others want to do. Everyone has a place in the group, we will help you find yours.

  • You won’t be wrong for doing what you want to do.

Your character and through that character, you, are going to decide to do certain things. These things may or may not go with what others want to do. That, in actuality, is the purpose of roleplaying, doing what your character would do. Either way, as long as it is allowed in the numerical rules that govern the universe, it is your prerogative.

Honestly, the only things that are going to be asked of you when you show up is to have some input on what it is you want to do and to have fun.

It is my duty as the guy running the game to help you decide what you want to play by providing information, narrow down your choices into a playable characters in the setting I have created and it is my duty, not yours to get you interested in the story over all. I only ask that you invest enough time and thought on what kind of character you would like to play.

I will help ground it in the world, and while not every character is playable in every setting or every game. I will aim to get you as close to the idea you have for your character as DMly possible.

Be aware that nothing “decided” is concrete. Specifically, nothing in the first few roleplaying sessions is cemented in stone. If you come to find some things you dislike, perhaps a rule doesn’t feel right or a player chosen ability functions differently than you thought, bring it up. If you had something you thought you would like in your backstory or character creation, but find there is another idea that is more engaging, let me know. This is your character and your face for the world, it is in everyone’s best interest if you like them and are excited to play.

That doesn’t mean you have to play yourself, or even play someone you would like in person. I know plenty of roleplayers that create characters to explore ideas, character types and views that they are not accustomed to or do not identify. Whatever is fun for you. Though, it is worth saying that I suggest playing a character you would like to read about or a character that you would like to see develop through the story, rather than playing “yourself in world x.”

Most characters in a roleplaying setting are a combination of the above. Someone close to home but different enough to really work with and gel with the setting and story.

Most characters, regardless of what you decide on paper, in a silly questionnaire provided by your DM, or even, fixed in your own mind, are decided during the first few sessions of play, where your thoughts become the realities of your character.

So, open up your mind to some brain storming.

New Players

Ottajja Lordgrin