List of Deities


Atal Visant: Hawk God of the Sun. He governs birth, visions, sight, ritual magics, daily travel and good fortune.

Niramon: Crow God of Hearth and Home. He governs marriage, funeral rights, passage rights, business deals and entrances and portals.

Adiss: Snake God of Secrets. Governs Sex, poisons and curses, revenge, hidden people and things, night passage and travel under cover of darkness or despair.

Ben-Ezra: Ageless God of Water. Governs nature, law, weather, vitality, and the changing of seasons. Also known by the cold winds off the ocean. Dualistic God of youth and old age. Can be both the crone and the innocent child.

Anis-Ur: Jackal God of Death. Governs change, forbidden knowledge, pacts, deals, magical arrangements, and second chances.

Sais: Cat Goddess of Knowledge, teaching and industry. Governs names, technology and processes, passing of knowledge, fosters all that is born or grows, loves and protects life, provides a guiding maternal instinct, supports devotion, faith and those that travel via water and wind.


Ottajja Lordgrin